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New Skirt

I'm back again!

I can't believe this site has lasted so long. I have been using this diary sense I was about 13 years old and I am now 25. Makes me happy that I have had this internet time capsule to always come back to.

A lot has changed from my last post in 2011. I am now a graduate of VCU with an art degree :) I met an amazing boy just a lil over a year ago. Who sadly just moved back to Russia. Which is why I have decided to come back here, to spill my guts out when I need it most.

It's been two weeks that he's been gone so far. The first week was easy, now it's getting harder. On top of every other bullshit thing life throws at us. No money, no job, living with parents, and my boy just leaves. But I will be in Russia this summer, that is my life goal right now. Get there. I don't care if I don't have money to get back.

What I've been doing to pass the time is sew. Not much but it takes up time, I move like a turtle. Do one step then sit and stare for awhile. I started a skirt before he left, it's still not done. I spent 2.5 hours today working on the last step and just ended up right where I started.

I have to finish it but I hate it so much. It's stressing me the fuck out. Maybe I just started making it at a horrible time and all my feelings are in this skirt. When I go to sell it the description will include a long passage of what is in the skirt:: sadness,tears,blood,rage,hate,lies,love,joy,life...

8:46 p.m. - March 14, 2014


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